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Ağaoğlu in Europe...

We carry our knowledge and experience to Europe...

Life Projects

My Town (Ispartakule)


For detailed information : www.mytown.com.tr

My Prestige (Ataşehir)

Ağaoğlu lays the foundation of future offices through My Prestige in Ataşehir which will become the financial centre of Istanbul and Turkey in the near future.

For detailed information : www.agaoglumyprestige.com

My Rosseville (Çekmeköy)

Together with nature...
My Roseville is a symbol of prestige in Çekmeköy which presents you a chance to be with the sound and color of the nature…

For detailed information : myroseville.agaoglu.com.tr

My Towerland (Ataşehir)

Ağaoğlu, The Life Architect, is moving your expectations about life one step further. It is starting a brand new project in Ataşehir, Istanbul: My Towerland.

For detailed information : www.mytowerland.com

My World (Ataşehir)

Now you are the center of the earth...
This is a world of perfectly designed architecture and infrastructure, a city that is safe and secure, and a home of unlimited conveniences. Agaoglu has given extensive consideration to your needs and come up with a project that offers you the most modern technology available and constant social activities. This place is My World Ataşehir.

For detailed information: www.myworld.com.tr

Eltes Güneşi (Ümraniye)

Tomorrow’s quality understanding is in your home today…
The technology of the future is available today in Eltes Gunesi. You will feel safe and secure due to the high-level construction technology built on firm ground; you will notice at first sight that each square meter of your home is designed for optimum efficiency.

For detailed information : www.eltesgunesi.com

Eltes Gold Residence (Ümraniye)

Hotel Comfort at Home...
Ağaoğlu provides you with the comfort of a luxury hotel with Eltes Gold Residence.
Numerous conveniences, including a housekeeping service, valet service, private shopping service, private security, balcony-garden, swimming pool and SPA become a part of your daily life in Eltes Gold Residence. This project consists of 231 flats and 20 different floor plans.

For detailed information : www.eltesgoldresidence.com

My Home (Çengelköy)

An Istanbul village, bedazzling with its beauty...
While creating the Ağaoğlu My Home project, our aim was to revitalize a breeze, a dream, a life that brings the past to the present. And now we are experiencing the happiness of making the dreams come true.


My Dream (Altunizade)

A dream town in the heart of the city, but in the greenery...
Combining modern architecture, secure construction technology and several social activities that contemporary urban people need, My Dream is one of the most suitable projects for a modern lifestyle.


My Town (Ümraniye)

A perfect life project in the heart of Istanbul...
In Ağaoğlu My Town, you can enjoy all social activities that contemporary urban people need. No details are missing for your comfort, security and well-being.


My Country (Çekmeköy)

Ideal combination of traditional cottage style with modern architecture…
Beyond a new house, a brand new life style… A life away from the noise and bustle of the city, located in a natural environment but with all the comfort of the city life.


My City (Ümraniye)

Totally urban My City…
The first project of Ağaoğlu, My City brings a luxurious housing complex with 600 units to Ümraniye. The home owner will enjoy a calm atmosphere and peace of mind due to the solid infrastructure and modern technology.


My Village (Samandıra)

Whatever you want to say “My" about, we will provide you with…
Ağaoğlu My Village, located in Samandira, is a unique settlement with 5 floors in three different villas. It is near city center and is ideal for people who want to live in a central location.